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The certified nursing assistant (CAN) has completed state approved certification course for nursing assistants and may deliver direct patient care. The CAN performs duties under the supervision of licensed personnel.

  1. Documentation of state approved CNA certification in the assigned state to practices a licensed practical nurse(LPN)
  2. Current CPR certification.
  3. For hospital placement, must have current experience in hospital setting.
  4. Documentation of current immunization or proof of immunity (titers).
  5. The ability to respond appropriately in stressful situations.
  6. The ability to perform tasks involving physical activity, which may include heavy lifting, bending and prolonged standing.
  7. Must pass nursing assistants skills tests.
  8. The ability to communicate effectively.
  9. Adheres to all policies and procedures of pace Medical Staffing Inc, and assigned facility.


  1. Performs Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which may include skin care, complete bed baths, oral hygiene, turning patient every two (2) hours or as indicated by policy.
  2. Follows the assigned facility restraints, policies and procedures.
  3. Promptly reports all changes observed in patient condition to supervising nurse.
  4. Assist with admitting, discharging and transferring patients as directed.
  5. Performs nursing tasks as directed (vital signs, collection of specimen).
  6. Assist in patient transport.
  7. Maintains a clean and safe environment for patients and coworkers.
  8. Provides for proper and safe care of patients clothing and valuables.
  9. Assist with distribution of meal trays and feeding of patients.
  10. maintains strict patient confidentiality at all times
  11. properly document intake and output, patients condition and all care provided to the assigned facilities policy and procedure
  12. Performs all other duties as assigned by the nursing supervisor.