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Our Licensed practical nurses at Pace Medical Staffing inc. provides total care of patients according to the established standard of nursing care and practice.

  1. current LPN state license
  2. Current CPR certification.
  3. Minimum of 1 year current clinical experience
  4. Proof of current immunization or immunity (titers), TB test result or CXR.
  5. Ability to carry out tasks that may involve physical activities such as prolonged
  6. standing, heavy lifting, and bending.
  7. Two (2) letters of recommendation.
  8. Statement of physical examination.

Pace Medical Staffing Inc. [PMSI] employees are expected to:
  1. Adhere to all the policies and procedures of PMSI and the assigned facility.
  2. Report to the facility on time and in a professional manner. Have appropriate Employee identification while on duty.
  3. Performs assigned duties under the direction of a supervisor/ an RN.
  4. Accurately and safely transcribe and implement physician's orders.
  5. Assist with admitting, transferring and discharging of patients.
  6. Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the unit.
  7. Undertake nursing rounds on assigned patients and prioritize patient's needs.
  8. Document detailed and accurate records of nursing actions and maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and coworkers.
  9. Administration of nursing care, medications and other therapies within the scope of safe nursing practice.
  10. Participate in healthcare teaching, counseling and emotional supports of patients and their significant others.
  11. Provide and receive reports of patients status at shift change or otherwise as the case may be.
  12. Implementation of goal oriented patient care plans according to facility policies.
  13. Participate in in-service training programs.