Career Opportunities for Licensed Practical Nurses

Career Opportunities for Licensed Practical Nurses
At the mention of “Licensed Practical Nurses” — or LPNs — most people would immediately think that these healthcare professionals can only ever work in a nursing home or shared residential facility. Although there are many LPNs who study and train to work in a nursing home, this doesn’t mean that everyone who decided to enter the field of practical nursing should only have that option for their careers. There are other places and job opportunities for individuals with the skills, background, and training of an LPN. If you are an LPN, or one who aspires to be, then this list will help you see the other job opportunities you can have outside of a nursing home:

  • Clinical Work
    Doctors’ or physicians’ clinics actually hire LPNs frequently. There actually is a huge amount of possibilities when it comes to working at a doctor’s office — one of which is that you can actually choose the environment you want. You can treat pediatric or geriatric patients. You may even work in a specialty office which will allow you to work closely with doctors specializing in dermatology, cardiac care, and many more.
  • Administrative Work
    Just because you are a Licensed Practical Nurse, doesn’t mean you are confined to the medical or clinical aspects of your field. You actually have the choice of working on the administrative side of a clinic or doctor’s office. This route will allow you to work behind the scenes and answer calls, make calls to patients, take messages, and create appointments for the doctor, etc. You can even be the office manager of the clinic!
  • Home Health Care
    If working in a retirement or nursing home is just not your cup of tea and you would rather offer your skills and services for a much more personal-based job, then you can opt to work as a skilled nurse for a home healthcare company. This way, your environment will not stay the same, as you visit different clients in their homes and attend to their various needs. You can even make friends and gain lots of knowledge along the way!

There actually are multiple routes to take in your career as a Licensed Practical Nurse. It is up to you to find the job and place that suits your skills and interests, and is conducive for your personal and career growth. Finding a job in the first place is not easy, though, especially in this day and age, so it’s best to have some help, such as aid from a provider of nurse staffing in Indiana.

Pace Medical Staffing, Inc. offers healthcare staffing solutions in Fort Wayne, Indiana that aims to help healthcare professionals such as Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants find the right job and place that suits your skills, boosts your career experience and compensates you with good pay. We provide healthcare staffing in Indiana for employers to find the short or long-term help they need while helping you with your career.

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