The Future of the Healthcare Industry

The Future of the Healthcare Industry
As with any industry in this day and age, healthcare industry is dependent on technology. Fortunately, for the healthcare industry, innovations in technology can help save more lives than the decade before.

Many people are often resistant to the idea of technology but when they are presented with how beneficial it can be, especially for industries that depend on technological functioning like the healthcare industry, we might just be able to change their mind.

Pace Medical Staffing, Inc. presents to you these 6 innovations for health that you should be looking out for:

  • Blood flow restriction training
    Blood flow restriction (BFR) training involves specialized blood pressure cuffs that stop the flow of oxygen-deprived blood. This allows for big muscle growth while only using around 10 to 20 percent of the weight you’d usually use. This is especially helpful for anyone who keeps a close eye on their personal fitness.
  • Teletherapy
    Teletherapy is basically a therapy session over Skype or FaceTime or some other video conference service. Recent experiences have concluded that it lowers the no-show rates of patients, thus leading them to a consistent schedule of therapy.
  • Smart inhalers
    It can be easy to forget your medication. That’s one of the reasons why these Bluetooth-enabled inhalers were manufactured. They are designed to remind patients about their medication, encourage proper use of the device, detect use, and gather data, like the time, place, date, and manner of administering the dose.
  • Oral medication for cancer treatment
    In recent years, researchers have managed to create a tablet version of the chemotherapy drug that is administered to cancer patients through IV. The oral medication saves time for the patient, as well as offering convenience.
  • Artificial pancreas
    Worn like traditional insulin pumps, an artificial pancreas is designed to automate blood-sugar management by having glucose levels monitored closely and continuously. It is also capable of providing insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels whenever necessary.
  • Precision medication for rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    These medicines are designed to attack particularly weak genes or areas of the cell and this can possibly help reduce joint damage, as well as weaken the disease and improve symptoms. This also targets the individual person’s genes and is able to treat the disease accordingly, as compared to a more general treatment of RA.

The innovations to health are just endless! Every day, people find new ways to help the sick community. Genuine healthcare professionals will never tire of such a job and that is the kind of compassion our healthcare professionals have at Pace Medical Staffing, Inc., a provider of healthcare staffing solutions in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With our experience in nurse staffing in Indiana, our medical professionals are more than qualified to provide the care you need!

We’re just a call away! You can also visit our website and drop us a message there. Our other social media accounts all over the internet are also open for you! With Pace Medical Staffing, Inc., we can ensure quality staffing services!

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