Turning Yourself from a Contract Nurse to a Permanent Employee

A lot of healthcare facilities look into healthcare staffing in Indiana to find the best people who can fulfill their respective duties. At the same time, they want people who are of good character and more than qualified to provide care, assistance, and skilled care to the patients depending on what their conditions require.

It is important to note that whatever a member of the staff does reflects on the facility. That is why an agency providing healthcare staffing solutions in Fort Wayne, Indiana can be engaged in by many facilities.

If you are one of those lucky enough to get hired as a contract nurse, you might have thought about staying and making the job permanent. You might feel secure if you have a permanent position in the facility. In this case, you can follow these tips to turn your contract job into a permanent one:

  • Do beyond what is expected of you.Yes, you have your duties and you fulfill them. But, most employers want someone who is dedicated to their craft. This might mean that you will have to stay longer at work or arrive early to work the extra hours. Employers typically want to retain someone who is willing to put the effort.
  • Communicate with your supervisor or manager.It won’t bode well with your desire for a permanent job if your supervisor or manager does not even know your name. Try to communicate with your manager regularly by responding to emails or providing information vital to the facility’s operations.
  • Do not get arrogant.Acting as if you are sure about getting the permanent position you desire can turn hiring managers off. Stay humble.
  • Expand your professional network.Make friends. Meet people who share the same profession as you. Add them to your professional network. You never know who will contact you when their company needs nurse staffing in Indiana. Also, let them know that you are interested in a permanent job.

At Pace Medical Staffing, we always show our support to our contract professionals, especially nurses, having their contract jobs turned to permanent positions. At the end of the 13-week contract, we can help eligible contract nurses get hired permanently for their positions.

A permanent position offers a certain level of job security and we wish to give that to you. Contact us at 260-442-8884 for further inquiries.

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