Who Are Allied Health Care Workers?

Who Are Allied Health Care Workers?
Allied Health Care Workers are the people who fill in the gap between the medical team and the family, they do the jobs that are medical and are necessary to the care of the patient. They are also necessarily medically-trained and they aim to prevent, diagnose and treat different conditions and illnesses. They often function as a multidisciplinary team of healthcare workers to give the best patient interventions. Members of the allied health care team are distributed across a variety of settings namely;

  • Private Practice
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Community Health Centers
  • Mental Health Services
  • Care Homes

These are examples of the most known professions categorized under allied health care workers.

Audiologists – Treatment and assessment to prevent hearing and balance disorders.

Dietician – Assists patients in maintaining a healthy nutrition and in keeping a healthy well-nourished body.

Occupational Therapists – provide assistance to people to avoid illness or disability to maintain daily living and working skills.

Pharmacists – Prepare, dispense and manufacture medicines and educate patients on their proper use. They can also work in a research laboratory to help in preparing and making the medicines.

Physiotherapists – focused on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of movement disorders and injury.

Social Workers – help people deal with personal and social issues through counseling, community engagement, and advocacy on various programs.

Speech Pathologists – Assess and treat patients with speech and communication difficulty. They can also work with patients who has difficulty in swallowing.

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